Our Values & Purpose

2021 Employees talking in the energy plant

Be Safe. Have Trust. Own It.

Our core values are important to us. They say who we are and guide our actions and decisions as individuals, as a team and as a company.

We held a series of workshops and surveys where we asked our employees two questions: what was important to them as individuals and what was important for LondonEnergy?

The responses helped us establish our three core values: “Be Safe, Have Trust, Own it”.

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Be Safe

Be safe refers to being responsible for the safety, health and wellbeing of yourself, others, the environment, and the business.

In practice, it means:

  • Coming to work and going home safe
  • Taking responsibility for your safety and that of others
  • Preventing accidents and incidents
  • Protecting the environment

This value is embedded in our five Start Safely guiding principles.

As a Health and Safety Advisor and a Values Champion, Be Safe to me is being responsible for myself, my colleagues and the environment.

Kay, HSQE Advisor

Have Trust

Have trust is knowing and doing the right thing and trusting others to do the same.

In practice, it means:

  • Having confidence, belief, and respect in each other
  • Enjoying trust from our stakeholders
  • Operating without a blame culture
  • Promoting teamwork and open communication
  • Ensuring your actions match words
  • Sharing information. alignment and engagement

It’s about being accountable, fair and just, owning up to our mistakes and being honest. We do what we say and do the job correctly.

Have Trust to me means that, just as I can with my family at home, I can rely on my colleagues at LondonEnergy to do what they say they’re going to do, and they can rely on me to do the same for them.

Own It

Own it is taking ownership for decisions and actions.

In practice, it means:

  • Taking ownership for actions and who we are as a company
  • Looking after equipment and team members
  • Following procedure
  • Committing to learning and development
  • Listening
  • Stop, look, assess, manage

Own it is linked to our duty of care to our staff, the public and the environment. We make sure our working practices are safe and that there are no surprises.

Own it to me is an important part of my role. As an RRC Operative, I need to be responsible for the site, and my duties and I want to make sure that the public has access to a safe environment, so they leave with a good impression.

Sam, RRC Operative